Why bother learning important stuff?.

We all want to be better & do better. That's why.

What Important Really Means

Things you can work to get good at, that'll give you physical, cognitive and spiritual benefits.

And gaining expertise in any of these disciplines will bring along with it, some serious financial viability.

The inspiration here is form the classic Pareto’s 80/20 principle. 

To paraphrase, 80% of all favorable outcomes come of off 20% of all the effort one puts in. 

That is to say, of all the things you might practice, roughly one-fifth will amount to something significant.  

Finding out what that is for each individual, is a journey they can and must choose to embark upon. And the best thing you can do to that end, would be to TAKE ACTION!  

Only through that will you find out what brings you nearer to the perfect ‘Flow State‘. 

And that is the ultimate reward after taking pain to do stuff, believe you me. 

Now, there’s an unending list of things to do, of goals to achieve, fears to conquer and all that. 

But you being the unique individual that you are, will only be able to gain a fair degree of competence in a few of them. That’ll translate further into other areas of your life. 

Important are those things that will enhance your mental and bodily attributes. 

On top of that, every moment you spend perfecting that craft, you’ll know that you’re up to something great, something that matters. 

Something, that will very likely continue to be, no matter what happens, when. 

With the discipline to show up and do what you’ve chosen, you can open up doors like never before. 




We might not pick fights, but fights can pick us – to paraphrase Master Rener Gracie of the legendary Gracie family. Being skilled in violence can be a true gift, for the purpose of not having to use it.

On top of that, very few things can teach us to show up to do things regardless of any feelings.

So, combat sports it is. 


Science of Data.

Data science has to offer some of the most lucrative careers one can find today. And will require methodical learning and practice to stay on top of competition. 

This can also provide a great platform to exercise the capabilities of our brain. 

At the end of the day, you can become a better thinker by practicing this technological discipline. 


Physical Conditioning.

We all need a sharp blade to cut through the bullshit that life might throw at us. And it all starts with our physical bodies, our ‘meat vehicle’ as Joe Rogan calls it.

The idea here is to be prepared for physical exertion at the tip of a hat. The more professional name for that would be General Physical Preparedness.

Training the basic strength movements with a healthy inclusion of core will be perfect for this.



Music is one of the greatest creations of our species. It’s an absolute honor to be able to play and understand music.

With the guitar as the weapon of choice, there’s just so much music to play and to write.

Lick by lick, there are wonders that we can create and that’s my aim.



This is what the world sees of us, and it’s the great Carl G. Jung who coined this term.

Why is this important?

Because we’re social creatures and we need each other to live the best we can. But it’s anything but linear and requires a fair bit of practice.

Foes of Focus.

I like reading books whenever I get time to, and that helps me in more ways than I can ever describe. 

Now, it isn’t always reading. I like to listen too, as that was the primary form of communicating knowledge in the ancient days, cross-culturally. 

The great thing about actual books, is the calming effect that it can have on our minds. In this era of 24*7 high-speed internet, and total connectivity anytime, anywhere. 

Books can be that source of sanity among all the razzmatazz out there.  

And as far as listening goes, Audiobooks are the shit! 

You can fire one up on the background, as you’re blazing through all the menial daily chores. That’ll be a classic case of ‘something better than nothing’. 


Well, how true is that?

Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.