Competition, and Going Beyond That

We humans are inherently competitive. Don’t you agree?

Of course there are levels to this thing just like anything else. But the idea is universal in and of itself.

The crux of being competitive to any degree depends on how competent you are in that field. Because if you are good at some particular discipline, only then will you be able to find enjoyment in it.

In So Good They Can’t Ignore You, professor Calvin Newport describes this in full detail.

But the gist of it is that, it’s very unlikely for you to have some kind of serious liking for anything. So much so that you’d want to do it for the rest of your life, and make a living out of it.

It works the other way round for almost every possible scenario you might imagine.

How can you test that?

Very simple.

Pick something to learn and start. Then wait as you level up in that, where the going gets really tough.

Would you be able to keep hammering at it with patience no matter what?

If yes, then you might be onto something, but if you’re willing to quit out of frustration. Then it was probably a bad idea from the beginning, or so it seems.

There are certain indicators indeed which will tell you if you’ve got what it takes to excel in a field. A great one is the feedback that you get from other practitioners in that discipline.

But beyond that, it’s just attentive practice, day in and day out. Where you push yourself consistently, and get better in that process.

The reward. Becoming more competent?

On the surface.

Ultimate reward here is nothing but those aha! Moments where you REALIZE enjoyment.

This web property is dedicated to just that. So, are you in for the ride??